The holidays are a time of hope and cheer—a time for new beginnings...

But when a person’s whole world is shattered, it’s tough to feel joy, love, hope, or possibility.

Simple acts of love and kindness—the right words at the right time... that’s why Healing Hugs ® matters.

One person at a time, with a Healing Hug and a range of support, we help people find the strength to make it through another day and inspire them to find a better, brighter tomorrow.

We are so humbled by the number of people who have shared their stories with us. This year, we wanted to share some of those stories with you. Meet Sherri Ann, AnnMarie, and Terri. Each found comfort and support through Healing Hugs.

Sherri Ann’s story was so heartfelt, we cried when we read it...

“Healing Hugs has been an amazing support system for me. You have helped me in so many ways; so many that I cannot even begin to put it into words.”

– Sherri Ann

“I’ve endured more tragic loss at the age of 34 than any human being should—most recently, the loss of my baby. The pain and agony and tragedy is unbearable, the beauty is divine. I’ve put my all into God’s hands since February 2014 when my miraculous sweet boy, baby David, was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Sadly, I’ve had very little support from my family and friends since I lost my son. That’s when I reached out to find a higher power. That’s when I found God. That’s when I found Healing Hugs. The inspiration and HOPE that Healing Hugs has given me has gotten me through more heartache and pain than any family member or friend I have. Thank you Healing Hugs, you have no idea what you've done for me.” Click here to give a parent like Sherri Ann, who lost a baby, a Healing Hug.

“I am so thankful for your inspiring page. I have found it helpful not only in my healing process, but for others as well.”

– AnnMarie

In what seemed like no time, AnnMarie lost her grandfather, and then her father. Then she had major surgery, and her child was deployed to Iraq. Just when it seemed life couldn’t get more difficult, her daughter gave birth to a baby who was diagnosed with a serious illness. The baby died two weeks later. Nothing could prepare her for what came next. The abyss of grief and emptiness she felt was unlike any other. It simply didn’t make any sense. Give a grandmother like AnnMarie a Healing Hug.

“Your posts have comforted me and helped explain how I feel to those around me when I can't. Thank you.”

– Terri

Terri’s 24 year-old daughter Carli was tragically killed by a drunk driver two years ago. She was out celebrating her 24th birthday and had graduated from the university the week before. It was the happiest time in her life—a life that was taken too soon. Her mom was so devastated with grief, and eventually was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That’s when she found Healing Hugs and began to feel understood. When life seems senseless, moms like Terri need a Healing Hug. Click here to help.

Each of these women shares one thing in common: when life seemed as if it would never hold joy again, they found hope and strength. They found comfort and support through Healing Hugs. They made the decision to keep living.

When someone we love leaves this earth, the pain is unbearable. People try to help, but sometimes they don’t know what to do or say. But Healing Hugs Hugs ® does. That’s how we help. But we can’t do it without you...

With over 1.3 million Facebook followers, Healing Hugs helps hundreds of thousands of people each year. We have big plans to grow and offer more online and community-based resources to help people in despair—we can barely keep pace with the demand for more of our support.

I have seen firsthand the relief and joy that moms like Sherri Ann and Terri feel when someone knows what to say and comforts them in just the right way— because I have been there myself. I lost my little girl, Janna, in a car accident when she was just 9 years old. I remember the pain and isolation I felt, and I wanted to help others to feel less alone. That' s why I started Healing Hugs.  
Every day we receive dozens of stories like the ones I've shared with you today, thanking us for support and inspiration, and asking us to do even more. When something works this well, it deserves to continue and grow.  
I hope you will join me in supporting Healing Hugs by making a gift today so that moms like Sherri Ann and Terri, and grandmothers like AnnMarie can find support— and even a little happiness— in the toughest moments in life.  
Please support Healing Hugs with your donation of $50, $100, $250, or more this holiday. Any amount helps us to offer even more hope and hugs to those in need.  
Thank you so much. I deeply appreciate your financial support.  
Tamara Gabriel-Barnes
Executive Director  
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The video below was created as a memorial to Janna to celebrate July 9, 1997, the day got her wings.  I love and miss her very much, and was very touched by the beautiful video put together in tribute by one of my dear fans.
Thank you.  
Tamara Gabriel

We are a community joined together to share our grief, find comfort, and embrace our joy and happiness. Please join us.

"Embrace healing, one hug at a time..."

- Tamara Gabriel

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it..."

- Tori Amos